Unlike LibreMoney from other crypto currencies

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Bitcoin — this is the first and most popular to date crypto-currency that works under this scheme. The protocol was originally Bitcoin can create «smart contracts.» Or, on the other, «self-fulfilling contracts.» All this worked out quite well, but has enjoyed limited popularity. Many people do not know that it exists.

We need to look further. Namely, on the process of issuing new money, the process of generating blocks, the expansion of the protocol, etc.. Bitcoin — this is the first kriptovalyuta, but it has drawbacks. In particular 51%. And most importantly — an empty useless burning miners, electricity. People understand it and, therefore, offers crypto-currency of the second generation. Such as NXT (NextCoin), etc. 100% PoS.

I propose to look further and suggest crypto-currency 100% PoS + emission based on the real work of the people, not for the creation of wealth. This project LibreMoney.org different from all existing currency and crypto-currency. In today’s world money is not secured. So, in fact, to make reliable long-term savings to the liquidity of a currency is not yet possible. I propose to create such a tool. But the main objective of the project LibreMoney not to create money, and to establish a decentralized system of crowd-investing to attract investment for technology start-ups at an early stage (at the idea stage and the prototype stage).

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