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Hello. I will describe the current state of affairs honestly. Implement the project turned out to be much harder than I thought initially. People willing to help in the implementation, I have not found. So, in fact, doing a project LibreMoney one. This is partly due to the fact that I made ​​a bad description of the idea, in part due to the fact that I do not know how to conduct marketing, I am not able to produce promotional materials. During the four months that doing a project, I was able to communicate with hundreds of people. A very small percentage of people who understand the essence of the project, are the provision of money, why is the value of human labor, and not anything else. Apparently I’m bad gift, bad explain.

I once heard from other people the most negative reviews. That I was crazy, that the project no one wants that to invest in Lm-money, no one will, and so on. But I’ve heard some positive reviews. Lot of negative feedback. Positive feedback is much smaller, but they are. I talked with people from the community OpenSource, with people from the Pirate Party. Many of them LibreMoney project is of interest, but no more. People interested in the opportunity to earn their work, creating OpenSource projects. However assistants I have not found.

Yesterday and today I had a few meetings with different people. Including with influential people. They each project is of interest that the project LibreMoney not normal. Nevertheless, it remains clear. I do not always get to explain the essence of the project and why I believe that the free secured money — this is the next stage in the evolution of cryptocurrencies.

Many people recommend me dropped the idea. Especially that the design needs money. On venture investors I do not hope. Own money I have is not enough for a long time. I began to doubt whether to continue. I need support. I need to know your opinion. Need to know whether the system needs LibreMoney.

Recently, I was advised to register the project on the site of crowd-investing vcstart.com. I ask all who care, go to the link below and support the project. It’s free. Each registered user is given by 50 virtual dollars, which you can invest in your favorite projects. About virtual dollars in vcstart described HabraHabr (link).

Please support the project by voting for him. Then I will know that the project is needed LibreMoney many people and it is not worth throwing. Here is the link:

I would be grateful for any help and feedback. Many thanks in advance.

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